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e-Gaming - Strong Authentication
Legendary Security For Your Epic Stuff

e-Gaming - Strong Authentication


The massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) industry is a lucrative one. With billions of dollars in revenue, it has not only proven itself a popular new entertainment medium; it has also proven an attractive target for online fraudsters. And it’s not surprising, as the rewards are significant. More valuable than their email passwords, social security numbers, or even credit card numbers, gamers’ profiles and accounts are being stolen and sold on the black market for big profits. Though very valuable, online gaming and gambling accounts are inadequately protected. Because they are generally protected by insecure static passwords, they are easy targets for online fraudsters.

VASCO’s two-factor authentication technology is a very simple and effective way of bridging the security gaps inherent with static passwords. With two-factor authentication, MMOG companies can quickly and inexpensively solve a significant number of their account security troubles, all without drastically altering the end-user experience.


By protecting players’ accounts from Trojans, viruses and keyloggers, VASCO’s Multi-Authentication technology helps MMOG companies to:

  • Reestablish gamers’ trust
  • Banish keylogger concerns among players
  • Stabilize revenue by reducing helpdesk load
  • Reduce account turnover and the number of abandoned accounts


One of the most significant external threats to the long-term sustainability of any MMOG or virtual world is account theft. Because account theft is not a function of in-game design, MMOG publishers have little control over it, and it is therefore considered a significant threat.


VASCO offers fulfillment and packaging services that make implementation of two-factor futhentication easy for game publishers. Our fulfillment specialists have years of experience in mass deployment projects around the world. As a part of your fulfillment contract, you will enjoy:

  • VASCO’s dedicated fulfillment team
  • A custom fulfillment plan designed to fit your business model and specific online gaming community
  • Customized design and production of the DIGIPASS authenticator packaging
  • Inventory management


Single Back-end Platform
VASCO’s Strong Authentication solution is designed on a single API-based platform, which allows for significant cost savings and flexibility.

Native Integration
With an API-based authentication platform, it can be embedded in game servers to automatically handle authentication requests.

Unlimited Scalability
VASCO’s Strong Authentication solution can be applied to multiple games and additional users without the hassle of rebuilding the entire infrastructure. It has a proven track record, supporting millions of users and handling over 9,000 authentication requests a second.

High User Acceptance
The back-end platform supports multiple DIGIPASS authenticators, all of which can be branded with your company’s logo and colors. Branding opportunities also help drive user adoption.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Built on one unique authentication platform, VASCO’s solution provides a flexible back-end environment that allows for simple and cost-effective mass deployment.

One structure can support all of your current and future properties, such as multiple games and current and future titles.

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