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Online Banking Security

Online Banking Security


As customers increasingly demand and use a variety of electronic channels to perform financial transactions, the ways in which fraudsters and hackers can conduct attacks proliferate. In consumer and corporate banking services, authenticating the customer and the transaction are key steps to ensuring proper access and protection.


Native integration, high scalability and single backend platform make VASCO’s Strong Authentication solutions best in class for the banking industry. Benchmarked at over 9,000 authentications per second, VASCO’s core authentication platform VACMAN Controller provides versatility unmatched by any other solution in the industry.


VASCO's strong authentication technology is based on one unique back-end platform VACMAN Controller that is designed to accommodate all current and future authentication technologies and devices, making it completely future-proof. Currently, VASCO offers over 50 different end-user authentication options including hardware and software authenticators, authentication for mobile phones, SMS delivery, Smart Cards and EMV products.