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VASCO DIGIPASS Plug-In for Juniper SBR
Combining Juniper Networks' firewalls, VPN solutions and network access security appliances with VASCO's DIGIPASS strong authentication

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VASCO DIGIPASS Plugin Juniper SBR Series
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Combining Juniper Networks’ firewalls, VPN solutions and network access security appliances with VASCO’s DIGIPASS strong authentication enhances the security of your network and remote access, while remaining easy-to-use

When employees use their PC, they want to read e-mail, use software and documents, access files on the corporate network, work with applications and access websites. With the workforce becoming more mobile, the employees want to do all this anywhere and any time. SSL VPN technology ensures the access to the corporate network. At the same time IT administrators need to make sure that corporate resources are accessed in a secure way while working from home or being on the road.

DIGIPASS strong authentication adds an additional security layer to remote access, preventing unauthorized users to access the corporate network assets.

Vasco And Juniper Networks

DIGIPASS strong authentication can be added to Juniper Networks:

  • Netscreen Series: network access security solutions for medium and large enterprises
  • ISG Series: Internet Security Gateway for large enterprises, carriers and data centers
  • SA Series: SSL VPN appliances
  • SSG Series: network access security for remote branches regional offices, small and large enterprises
  • SBR Series: secure network access
  • Software – SBR enterprise edition

VASCO DIGIPASS offers one-time password (OTP) technology to protect user login and ensures that only authenticated users get access.

How Does It Work?

When adding VASCO DIGIPASS to Juniper Networks firewalls, VPN solutions and network access security appliances, the enduser will be asked for an OTP generated by the VASCO DIGIPASS authenticator when remotely connecting to the corporate network. Juniper Networks solutions will communicate with IDENTIKEY Server, VASCO’s back-end authentication software, through RADIUS to validate the OTP. Upon successful validation of the OTP, the user is authenticated.

For the SBR software version, VASCO has developed a DIGIPASS plug-in which allows the native integration of DIGIPASS strong authentication in SBR software allowing simplified administration in a single location.

Juniper plugin model



  • Dynamic User Registration
  • Automatic DIGIPASS assignment
  • DIGIPASS self registration
  • CSV file import
  • Active Directory, MS-Access, SQL or Oracle can be used as database


Secure remote access

  • Adding two factor authentication to remote access
  • Secure access to corporate network assets any time and anywhere
  • Prevents unauthorized network access

Seamless integration

  • Use of standard RADIUS protocol
  • Leverages existing IT infrastructure
  • Up and running in no time


  • More users can simply be added
  • Can be reused to secure more/other business applications
  • Caters for all your strong authentication needs

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Little to no cost for user administration and support
  • No additional infrastructure investments


Download the VASCO DIGIPASS Plug-In for SBR Data Sheet (.PDF)


Vasco Products
VASCO DIGIPASS Plugin Juniper SBR Series
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