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Extranet Security
Secure the door to your business

e-Signatures for transaction validation and document signing


Over the last few years organizations have adopted the use of extranet and portal sites to collaborate and communicate with external partners, customers, remote offices etc. It is a highly efficient, cost-effective and productive manner of working enabling users to access corporate resources and essential information in real-time.

However, with the rise of extranet and web portals, new security challenges arose with regards to data security. What’s more, this trend has accelerated with the exponential adoption of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Unauthorized persons might gain access to sensitive information, confidential information might be intercepted…the consequences can be huge.

Organizations need to find adequate solutions to secure the integrity of their business-critical data while at the same time keeping user convenience and efficiency in mind.

Challenges include:

  • exposure to online attacks and security breaches
  • safeguarding data integrity
  • password management
  • single sign-on implementation
  • end-user convenience
  • technological convergence and interoperability

VASCO’s proven multi-factor authentication technology secures user login procedures and ensures that only authenticated users gain access to your business-critical data.

VASCO offers a complete range of easy-to-integrate authentication solutions - including hardware, software, and mobile solutions - as well as managed authentication services. Our solutions are compatible with many single sign-on and OAUTH vendors, so implementation is a breeze.

VASCO’s authentication solutions can benefit the following:

  • Supply, inventory and ordering web portals
  • Customer support web portals
  • Data sharing and collaboration web portals
  • Partner portals
  • Any password protected website


Increase efficiency and reduce costs
By moving business & commercial processes and transactions online, companies can drastically reduce operational costs and increase their efficiency.

Customer loyalty
Sidestep security issues and takes countermeasures against fraud and data theft if you want to build and retain customer trust and avoid credibility loss.

Secure business-critical information
Make sure that your confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands, or worse, into your competitors’ hands.

Secure online transactions
Static passwords can easily be intercepted and no longer offer sufficient protection. Protect your data contained within your application or website from being compromised.

Eliminate password management hassles
Long static passwords containing numbers, caps and special characters are hard to remember. By using one-time passwords you can reduce password management hassles and consequently reduce helpdesk and support cost.

Competitive advantage
Distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering a secure environment for your extranet.

Components of this solution

Client products:

  • DIGIPASS for Mobile
  • Single Button DIGIPASS
  • E-Signature DIGIPASS

Server Products

  • DIGIPASS as a Service
  • VACMAN Controller
  • aXsGUARD