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The Portable, Intelligent Smart Card Reader with Strong Authentication and Digital Signatures.


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Want to achieve stronger network security? Looking for a flexible, expandable way to leverage your investments in smart cards without the cost of specialized programming? The highly portable VASCO DIGIPASS 800 smart card reader offers unparalleled value and security, at any time and from any place.

Easy to implement and manage

Smart card issuers such as financial institutions, banks, telecom operators, ASP’s, distribution companies can deploy VASCO's DIGIPASS 800 smart card reader quickly and cost-effectively. It’s less expensive than standard smart card readers, with no software drivers to install or specialized programming required. In addition, the system’s so simple and easy to manage, help-desk costs are minimized.

Best of all, organizations already using other DIGIPASS authentication devices can seamlessly migrate to DIGIPASS 800 without changing the security infrastructure that’s already in place.

How DIGIPASS 800 works

DIGIPASS 800 smart card-reader can be used at any time, from any place and on any platform (PC or MAC, telephone or Internet). Just insert the smart card into DIGIPASS 800 and enter the card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN). Unique secrets are automatically created, personalizing the reader for that particular user. As soon as the card is removed, it reverts to a blank screen.

The strength of DIGIPASS 800 authentication is based on “two factors”, which are:

1. something the user has: their smart card
2. Something the user knows: their smart card PIN

All data entry is done on a telephone-like keypad.

Instructions and graphics are displayed on a two-line LCD display. The user is prompted every step of the way, receiving corrective prompts when errors are made.


Low cost of ownership

DIGIPASS 800 eliminates the need to provide customers with a smart card and a separate authentication device. It combines the intrinsic security of the smart card with the advantages of unconnected devices. In addition, DIGIPASS 800 requires no extra personalization by the network owner and can be delivered in volume. DIGIPASS 800 allows you to reduce the total cost of ownership of your security infrastructure by lowering the number of calls to your helpdesk.

Factory to field

DIGIPASS 800 initializes itself and becomes a personalized device from the moment when a user inserts his smart card and enters his PIN. As soon as the card is removed from DIGIPASS 800, all secrets are immediately erased. As DIGIPASS 800 is platform-independent and needs no personalization prior to delivery to the customer, every reader is identical. Therefore it can be produced and distributed in a very cost-effective way.

Open and Secure Access

Since DIGIPASS 800 is a self-initializing authentication device that is unconnected, it offers secure remote access at any time, from any place, on any platform (PC or MAC, telephone, Internet, etc.). As soon as the card is removed from DIGIPASS 800, all secrets are immediately erased.


  • High-contrast, 12-character, two-line LCD (1 line 60 x 7 dot matrix line + 1 line of 14-segment characters)
  • Tactile keypad with silicon rubber keys
  • Intelligent battery management for a life expectancy between three and five years
  • Supports DES and 3-DES
  • Internal real-time clock
  • Compatible with ISO7816 smart cards
  • Support of T=0 and T=1 smart cards
  • Compatible with existing host systems for either DIGIPASS family members
  • Size: 63 x 95 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 58 gr


Download the VASCO DIGIPASS 800 Data Sheet (.PDF)


Vasco Products
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