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Secure access to confidential data

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Governmental authorities aim to improve the quality of life for their citizens, by effective and efficient delivery of public services. Federal and local governments are organized in different departments that have to work closely together. Having access to data on internal networks and applications is thus paramount. Due to the sensitive nature of these data, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. That is why more and more government agencies and departments opt for a multi-factor authentication solution to secure access to their networks and applications. These strong authentication solutions replace insecure static passwords with highly secure one-time-passwords, thus eliminating unauthorized access to confidential data.

Challenges include:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Identity theft
  • Unauthorized data access
  • Privacy concerns and regulatory compliance as governments collect private information about their citizens

VASCO’s two-factor authentication solutions provide secure access to networks and applications, eliminating weaknesses commonly associated with static passwords. We offer a complete array of authentication solutions and services for governments and the public services sector. These solutions range from: simple one-time-password devices to electronic signatures for secure transaction signing, as well as PKI solutions providing non-repudiation through the use of digital signatures.

VASCO’s strong authentication solutions are widely deployed to secure access to:

  • Online tax declaration applications
  • Web applications for public services such as permits, driver license renewals, police reports, etc.
  • Exchange portals for citizen information
  • VPN for home workers or mobile workforce
  • Web-based invoicing systems
  • Confidential data and critical systems
  • Corporate e-mail and webmail
  • Cloud services


Regulatory compliance
Two-factor authentication has increasingly become a key requirement in new privacy legislation. Our authentication solutions help you to achieve compliancy requirements.

End-user convenience
VASCO solutions have a low acceptance threshold, require no training and are intuitive to use, thus resulting in a high adoption rate.

Enhanced confidentiality of critical information
Only authorized persons can access your sensitive data, making sure critical information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Industry expertise
VASCO has years of experience, expertise and a proven track record in the public and banking sectors worldwide.

Our single back-end platform supports different authentication solutions, both hard and software, resulting in a low total cost of ownership

VASCO offers flexible and efficient security solutions for your staff, mobile workforce, partners and customers alike.

New users and applications can be added without an infrastructure overhaul or significant time and monetary investment.

VASCO’s unique authentication back-end platform is designed to accommodate all current and future authentication technologies and devices, from hardware and software authenticators to smart cards and PKI-based solutions.


Client Products:

  • DIGIPASS for Mobile
  • DIGIPASS GO Series
  • DIGIPASS e-Signature
  • DIGIPASS Connected Readers

Server Products:

  • DIGIPASS as a Service
  • VACMAN Controller API
  • IDENTIKEY Authentication Server
  • IDENTIKEY Federation Server