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VASCO Bluetooth Smart DIGIPASS
Friction-free two-factor authentication and e-signing for your mobile users

Your users are continually turning to their smartphones and tablets to access applications and conduct transactions. But how will you continue to protect your applications from threats and fraud while at the same time ensuring a positive experience for your mobile users?

With VASCO's Bluetooth Smart-enabled devices, you can achieve even more convenience for your users without compromising security. VASCO's Bluetooth Smart-enabled Two-factor authentication and e-signature products deliver all the security advantages you've come to expect from VASCO solutions, while offering a transparent experience for your users via instant Bluetooth connectivity from almost any mobile device.

Friction-free User Experience

VASCO's Bluetooth Smart devices create an immediate virtual secure connection between the authenticator and the mobile device, which means your mobile users don't need to perform any additional tasks – like entering a password or plugging in a USB cable - to gain secure access to online applications and conduct transactions from their mobile devices.

Unprecedented Security

Through an end-to-end encrypted channel, VASCO introduces an unprecedented level of security for mobile users and online applications, enabling your organization to instantly and securely exchange information with your users and reinforce security without additional configuration demands.

Form Factor
Single Button Hardware
  • "Push and Go" user experience
  • Authentication and e-signature functionality
  • Instant Bluetooth Smart connectivity
  • Supports broad range of mobile platforms
Smart card Reader
  • Sophisticated and secure smart card reader
  • Supports multiple smart card formats including EMV, PKI and eID
  • Secure PIN entry features and "what you see is what you sign" functionality
  • Purpose-built for high-value environments