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eID for Education
Authenticating the Campus and Beyond

eID for Education


Schools and universities want to improve the quality of services for their staff and students, by digitalizing the educational life. With the increased use of new internet applications in the educational sector, new challenges come across.

How can online fraud be prevented? How can online services be offered in a secure and convenient way? How can the online identities of staff, students and faculty members be managed securely? Safe access to e-learning applications and internal networks is crucial, due to the confidential nature of the data. Digital identities of staff, employees and students have to be protected at all times. That is why more and more educational institutes acknowledge the importance of a strong authentication solution. This replaces insecure static passwords with highly secure dynamically generated one-time passwords. These can only be used once, thus eliminating unauthorized access to confidential data.

Challenges include:

  • Identity theft
  • Unauthorized data access
  • Online fraud
  • Phishing attacks

VASCO’s strong authentication solutions are designed for colleges, universities, schools and research institutions. Strong authentication offers advanced security for staff members, faculty members, vendors and students in any of the following areas:

  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Educational portals and e-learning systems
  • Enrollment management and student services
  • Online grading systems
  • Single Sign-on solutions
  • Webmail access
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Remote access to internal networks via SSL-VPN and browser-based applications such as Citrix Web Interface and SharePoint
  • In-house applications
  • ERP systems
  • Administrative support and CRM
  • Financial reporting, budgeting and planning
  • Online billing
  • Procurement, supplier and asset management systems


VASCO’s MYDIGIPASS.COM authentication platform enables educational institutions and application providers to counter online security challenges in a user-friendly and cost-effective way. Moreover, thanks to the principle of single-sign-on, users only have to log on once to get secure access to their favorite applications on the MYDIGIPASS.COM platform.

Add an extra layer of security
People tend to choose obvious words as a password. Pet names, nicknames, birthday dates or simple combinations such as 123456 are widespread. This may seem convenient, but it is not secure. MYDIGIPASS.COM counters this problem by providing unique passwords that become invalid after a limited period of time.

Get rid of password lists
Statistics show that 72% of the Internet users have more than 5 accounts online. Every account has to be protected by a username and static password. As it is difficult to remember the username and password and the matching application or website, people tend to reuse the same combinations over and over again, or to write them down. Of course, this is not safe. With a dynamic password on a single-sign-on platform, those password lists belong to the past.

Reduce support costs
25% of support inquiries have to do with forgotten passwords. Using dynamically generated passwords eliminates the problem of forgotten passwords.

Reduce online fraud
Counter phishing attacks, eliminate identity theft and avoid account sharing.

Get safe access from different devices
Websites and applications are accessible from a lot of different devices: mobile phones, computers, tablets,… This also affects the security. MYDIGIPASS.COM enables a safe access from any device.

Increase user convenience
On the MYDIGIPASS.COM platform, every application can easily be accessed, by only logging in once.

Flexible deployment
VASCO provides hard- and software authentication devices and customizable security settings for students and staff.


Client Products:

  • Virtual DIGIPASS
  • DIGIPASS for Mobile
  • DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication

Server Products:

  • DIGIPASS as a Service
  • VACMAN Controller
  • aXsGUARD