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VASCO DIGIPASS Plug-In for Novell
Highly Secure User Authentication for Highly Secure Network Access

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VASCO DIGIPASS Plugin Novell Series
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NovellWith increasing numbers of remote users needing to access client data, confidential documents, account records and other sensitive information, the issue of security has become a top priority for the business community. VPNs and web access have made it possible to gain access to critical data from anywhere and at any time.

However, with added convenience comes additional risk. Unauthorized users could access published applications and confidential business data if the only protection in place is a weak static password. The impact of identity theft and unauthorized access to customer and business data can destroy both customers' trust and a firm’s reputation.

VASCO offers Strong Authentication based on one-time password technology

VASCO’s DIGIPASS technologyAs a world leader in strong authentication, VASCO Data Security is offering VACMAN as the de facto server software for protection of office applications for enterprises of all sizes. VASCO’s DIGIPASS technology has proved to be the most secure solution, replacing static passwords with dynamic one-time passwords.


VASCO, the leading provider of strong user authentication security, has joined forces with Novell to offer a secure, affordable and user friendly authentication solution for:

  • Remote access
  • Web applications
  • Local area networks
  • Integrated solutions

VASCO’s Novell-certified solution provides several key differentiators which make it unique in relation to any other authentication product available in today’s market. It is a tremendous opportunity for any enterprise looking to add a strong layer of authentication security. Customers that have taken advantage of this offering include organizations in the fields of health services, finance, insurance and education.

Easy integration without an infrastructure overhaul

VASCO Strong User Authentication easily integrates with NMAS without the need for any client changes and without undermining any existing software/application functionality. This approach allows an easy roll-out of an additional security layer. The weak static password used for remote access is replaced by a strong dynamic password generated by VASCO’s DIGIPASS. As the user’s static password never has to cross the wire, it is not subject to potential attacks.

VASCO’s DIGIPASS technology will initiate an authentication session by intercepting the user ID and one-time password (OTP) submitted by the user. Once these are approved, DIGIPASS method for NMAS will transparently authenticate the user and grant access to the Novell network.

End User Convenience

At customer login, DIGIPASS method for NMAS validates the submitted user credentials. Once validated, the user can be granted access to all authorized applications. Because it integrates directly with NMAS, the new authentication process is transparent to the end-user, and does not require any additional steps or new logon screens. The end-user's experience is unaffected, while the organization enjoys the increased security that comes with two-factor authentication.


Benefits of the Vasco and Novell Partnership

The VASCO and Novell partnership provides some key differentiators that are not available from other authentication vendors:

  • Native Integration
  • The VASCO solution does not require acquisition and management of an additional authentication server, thus reducing both the cost and the complexity of deployment
  • Full Interoperability with all DIGIPASS Products Novell supports DIGIPASS response-only and challenge- response authentication modes as well as all major DIGIPASS management functions (reset, test, and unlock)
  • Novell Certified
  • VASCO has obtained Yes, Tested and Approved certification through third-party testing facilities, to insure the reliability and functionality of the integration.

VASCO’s Strong Authentication for NMAS features:

  • Novell Certified Strong User Authentication for Novell iChain, SecureLogin, eDirectory, BorderManager and other Novell applications
  • Two-factor authentication: replaces insecure static passwords with highly secure dynamic one-time passwords
  • Native integration with NMAS
  • No additional appliances or authentication server to acquire and manage
  • No complex programming or lengthy installation for network administrators
  • Centralized User Management
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Low management costs
  • Use of durable and competitively-priced DIGIPASS
  • End-User Convenience - VASCO provides an authentication platform for multiple OTP form factors including:
  • One Button DIGIPASS
  • Pin Protected DIGIPASS
  • DIGIPASS for Mobile Phone
  • Virtual DIGIPASS (OTP over SMS)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully Integrated with NMAS
  • Allows customers to leverage eDirectory investment by offering integrated security features
  • Eliminates the need for third-party authentication servers
  • Replaces insecure logon (username and static password) with highly secure strong authentication based on one-time password technology (OTP)
  • Reduces the risk of online fraud, password theft, and other attacks on organizations’ networks and resources
  • Automated installation/integration process
  • Rapid deployment to the end-user
  • Full redundancy and automatic replication to optional backup authentication server
  • Self-service web user interface
  • Password auto-learn on first logon
  • Role-based user management
  • Real-time auditing and validation

Supported Platforms and Compapatibility:

  • Compatible with Novell Modular Authentication Service
  • Compatible with eDirectory, iChain, SecureLogin, BorderManager, Access Manager, Groupwise, iManager
  • Compatible with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, Server 9, Server 10, Real Time 10 SP1, Netware


Vasco Products
VASCO DIGIPASS Plugin Novell Series
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