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Remote Network Access Security
two-factor authentication solution with no infrastructure overhaul

Remote Network Access Security


Do you know who is accessing your sensitive information and network resources?
With the spread of remote access and an increasingly mobile workforce, user authentication has become a key security concern. Traditional static passwords alone are not enough to ensure only properly-authenticated users can access sensitive information. This common oversight may be the weakest link in your network’s security.

VASCO’s two-factor Aathentication solutions use one-time password technology to secure user login and ensure only authenticated users gain access. VASCO offers a complete range of authentication solutions, including:

  • Hardware authenticators
  • USB authenticators
  • Software authentication
  • Mobile authentication
  • SMS delivery
  • Smart cards

Where to Use:

  • Remote access to internal networks via SSL-VPN and browser-based applications
  • Intranets and extranets
  • Web applications
  • Webmail access


Security and user convenience
VASCO’s two-factor authentication solution provides secure remote access to sensitive information and internal applications without compromising user convenience. Highly flexible, VASCO's range of authentication solutions can accommodate organizations of various sizes, user populations, IT infrastructures, and budgets.


Static passwords do not provide adequate security.
Obtaining unauthorized access to a computer system can be as simple as stealing a password or as complex as launching a Trojan or phishing attack. Outdated and archaic, traditional static passwords are an ineffective defense against these complex fraud tactics. A resulting data breach can devastate an organization, costing clients and destroying its reputation.


VASCO’s single back-end platform allows the use of multiple authentication products, without the hassle and cost of overhauling your entire infrastructure.


Single back-end software platform
VASCO’s single backend platform allows for significant cost savings and flexibility. It can run on Windows and Linux platforms without the maintenance hassles commonly associated with the maintenance of other Two-Factor Authentication systems.

No infrastructure overhaul
The back-end software server runs on your existing infrastructure without changing the underlying functionalities of your IT systems and applications.

Low total cost of ownership
No need for new servers or appliances! You can realize additional cost savings simply by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

New users and applications can be added without the need for additional server hardware.

VASCO solutions support over 50 DIGIPASS end-user devices, providing ‘mix-and-match’ flexibility for customers with different user profiles.

VASCO’s proprietary back-end platform is designed to accommodate both current and future authentication technologies and devices making sure you are always prepared to combat online fraud with the latest tools available.

Components of this solution

Client products:

Server Products:

  • aXsGUARD
  • DIGIPASS pack
  • Integrated solutions and plug-ins
  • Compatible technology partners