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Google Apps
Authentication through DIGIPASS as a Service

Google Apps


DIGIPASS as a Service is VASCO’s cloud based authentication offering. On the back-end, there is the ‘DIGIPASS as a Service’ platform, hosted and managed by VASCO.

Google Apps™ is a hosted service for communication and collaboration designed for business of all sizes. The package addresses the communication, sharing, and collaboration needs of today’s end-users.


Google Apps™ end-users trust in Google’s ability to properly secure their data. However, the most important aspect of your online security is access control to your data. Password security remains the weakest link in any security infrastructure.

Furthermore, companies that make use of cloud-based applications may not have the resources to build and maintain a proprietary authentication infrastructure or consider it too costly to do so for a single application.


For companies who cannot benefit from a traditional authentication model, VASCO developed a cloud based authentication solution to secure access to business-critical data. DIGIPASS as a Service is the independent, security service, protecting your Google Apps™ identity!

DIGIPASS as a Service provides enhanced protection against account hacking and identity theft. End-users benefit from VASCO’s state-of-the-art DIGIPASS authentication technology already used by world leading banks around the globe, hence adding banking level security to business and consumer applications. With DIGIPASS as a Service for Google Apps™, VASCO offers a standard, secure way to protect your customer information.


DIGIPASS as a Service is offered as a fully outsourced authentication model to the customer, in which VASCO takes care of the entire authentication process allowing companies to focus on their core business. Companies no longer need to make upfront investments in an authentication infrastructure and benefit from the best-of-breed authentication VASCO offers

The DIGIPASS as a Service offering includes:

  • A fully redundant hosted authentication back-end
  • The provisioning of DIGIPASS software or hardware authenticators to end-users
  • Fulfillment services (branding, customization, packaging, provisioning, distribution and storage)
  • Professional services

DIGIPASS as a Service supports the following applications:

  • Gmail™ webmail service
  • Google Calendar™ calendaring application
  • Google Docs™ program

google apps

How Does It Work:

All you need to do is configure your company's Google Apps™ account to use the ‘DIGIPASS as a Service’ platform as the authentication server. The platform will then handle all authentication requests coming from Google Apps™.

1. Browse to Google Apps™

browse google apps

2. You will be redirected to the DIGIPASS as a Service Log-on page. Here you enter your one-time password generated by your DIGIPASS

google apps login

3. Once the password has been validated, access to Google Apps™ has been granted