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Cloud based Authentication

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DIGIPASS as a Service secures remote access, web applications, online portals, and other systems in an efficient and cost-effective manner — without the overhead expenses commonly associated with the implementation and maintenance of a Two-factor authentication solution.

It overcomes all the obstacles of implementing strong user authentication for both the ASP as well as the end-users. DIGIPASS as a Service is a managed authentication solution: implementation and maintenance tasks are managed by VASCO itself.

The DIGIPASS as a Service-platform makes use of VASCO's VACMAN authentication technology. DIGIPASS as a Service is offered as a fully outsourced authentication model to the customer, in which VASCO takes care of the entire authentication process.

DIGIPASS as a Service for ASPs

Application service providers can configure their application through an API to allow the transfer of authentication requests via SOAP, RADIUS, SAML2, ADFS or OAUTH2 to the DIGIPASS as a Service platform.

Administrators can log on to the platform over https to control and manage the user database, DIGIPASS database and application database; create applications and generate reports.

DIGIPASS as a Service for your end-users

When an end-user wants to access the application using a one-time password (OTP) generated by his DIGIPASS, the authentication request will be sent to the ASP, who will forward it through the chosen protocol to the DIGIPASS as a Service-platform. The platform will check and validate the OTP and send it back to the ASP who will grant access to the application.

Provisioning services

Provisioning services include the registration and activation of software DIGIPASS. Users log-on to the DIGIPASS as a Service platform (integrated in the ASP's website) to download, register and activate their DIGIPASS.

The provisioning services are available for DIGIPASS for Mobile and DIGIPASS for Web.

Alternatively, the one-time password can also be delivered by SMS using Virtual DIGIPASS.


Efficient and cost-effective

Because DIGIPASS as a Service is a managed authentication solution, users need not make any budgetary allowances for costly servers or technical support resources. Rather, authentication servers are hosted and maintained directly by VASCO and end-users can use their authentication device as soon as they receive it.

  • Low cost of entry
    • no servers to purchase or manage resulting in a lower TCO
  • Elimination of capital expenditures
  • Reduction of IT cost (deployment, maintenance, support)
    • No implementation hassles
    • No complex integration
    • No IT training necessary
  • Vested vendor interests
  • Lower risk, faster implementation
  • More powerful and secure IT infrastructure


Put trust in your customers' hands. DIGIPASS as a Service allows you to overcome trust issues reducing customers' reluctance to use your online services due to security risks. By implementing Two-factor authentication end-users will be easily convinced to make use of your hosted solution.

Multi-application and multi-platform implementation

The flexibility of DIGIPASS as a Service allows ASPs to secure all their applications and systems with one single solution.

DIGIPASS as a Service offers security for multiple applications:

  • SaaS solutions
  • Remote access
  • online gaming
  • e-learning applications
  • online subscription services (e.g. magazines and newspapers)
  • licensed services
  • e-government applications
  • e-healthcare systems
  • e-commerce applications
  • e-banking applications
  • online insurances applications
  • intranet/ extranet

Why use Managed Authentication Services:

DIGIPASS as a Service had been designed for ASPs wanting to add strong authentication to protect their employees' remote access, their content, the data of their users, e-commerce environments or simply want to secure customer self-service applications which reduce customer service back office tasks.

By offering authentication in a service model, VASCO overcomes a number of issues ASPs are facing when thinking about the enhancement of their security through strong authentication.

Native integration of strong authentication might require infrastructure changes which might be costly. Furthermore, deploying Two-factor authentication to a large number of end-users might be considered costly and time-consuming.

ASPs are sometimes reticent towards the deployment of strong authentication to their customer base. Many arguments are being used, such as logistic burdens, portability of authentication devices, multiple authenticators for different applications, the installation of software on the end-user's PC, high costs to secure individual applications, associated administration and helpdesk costs, branding of authenticators, …

DIGIPASS as a Service overcomes these apprehensions: authentication becomes an operational cost rather than a capital expense. As the authentication process is outsourced the time to market can be sped up allowing you to achieve your business plans more quickly.

Last but not least, you are able to focus on your core activities instead of security. Adding strong user authentication to your environment can give you as ASP the upper hand in an insecure, fast evolving and competitive online world.

VASCO offers a wide range of software and hardware-based authentication devices which can be entirely customized and branded. With DIGIPASS as a Service, you can authenticate yourself for any web page, remote access and application in a cloud based model.

DIGIPASS as a Service offering:

DIGIPASS as a Service is available in a user model.

  • based on the number of users of a specific ASP application
  • Two-factor authentication is mandatory for the entire user group
  • certain of what you will pay

Supported type of authenticators

ASPs can choose to use either software or hardware DIGIPASS.

Software based authenticators

Hardware based authenticators

DIGIPASS authenticators can be purchased separately or as part of the service.


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