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to authenticate the world’s global community

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Embedded security to authenticate the world’s global community

While the Internet has revolutionized our ability to exchange information and make transactions, it has also made that information widely vulnerable to fraudsters, Phishing attacks, viruses, and other methods of online fraud. To combat these threats, organizations and consumers must implement security measures to guarantee that the information exchanged during online activities passes through only the proper hands. The critical first step in achieving this is called “authentication”, a process by which information transmitted over networks and online is secured.

The factors of authentication

Secure authentication over electronic channels provides a virtual proof of identity, verifying that someone attempting to log into an application is, in fact, who they claim to be. VASCO’s proven one-time password technology establishes a user’s identity with the two following factors: something they know (a PIN) and something they have (a VASCO DIGIPASS). This is called Two-factor authentication or strong authentication. While it comes in a variety of forms, it operates on one common principle: a user-interfacing device generates a dynamic, one-time password (OTP) that is submitted to the back-end system for verification. Access to the electronic system or application is granted only to properly authenticated users.


DIGIPASS Embedded Security Solutions Challenge the belief that increased user convenience in a solution means decreased cost and security. With an embedded approach, costs are inherently lower as there is rarely anything physical to deploy. Therefore, the equation changes from having to sacrifice security for the sake of cost or convenience to one where security can become the cornerstone of any online application.

Excellent opportunities for embedded security applications include:

  • Within the computer platform
  • Within the mobile platform
  • Within existing security credentials and smart cards
  • Within USB / SD / MMC / SIM (or any other) memory devices or cards
  • Within (or packaged with) security software


  • Expanded revenue opportunity through the sale of authentication credentials
  • Expanded residual revenue from added product value. By embedding products with DIGIPASS technology, devices can securely perform more functions than those for which they were originally intended. DIGIPASS-embedded mobile phones can be used for e-commerce and e-banking, for example.
  • Competitive advantage: be the first in your industry to onboard strong authentication
  • Opportunity to expand market share, as products are perceived to be more secure and multi-functional
  • Meet consumer demand to add new features and uses to products they already have
  • Leverage the storage and processing capacity of devices currently being used


OEM Solutions

VASCO strives to provide practical security solutions that balance cost, security, and convenience for every customer. To this end, VASCO’s DIGIPASS solutions take a family approach to authentication, all designed to run on one single infrastructure.

The results? VASCO partners are able to add Strong Authentication to their offering without major investments or disruptions to their businesses. As authentication becomes crucial in today’s business environment, VASCO solutions can round out a product portfolio, providing companies with a unique competitive advantage that could lead to increases in market share and revenue. As our solutions are so versatile, they can meet the demands of any customer, ranging from application providers to hardware solutions.

Embedded Security Solutions

DIGIPASS Embedded Security Solutions (DESS) represent the latest innovation from VASCO’s market leadership and vision. It is not just a response to the changing worldwide authentication market; it is a testament to VASCO’s commitment to finding more convenient, portable, and cost-effective ways of a securing the online world. VASCO strives to find authentication solutions that can operate on any platform, at any time, for any application.

The mission of DESS is to collaborate with strategic partners to “DIGIPASS-Enable” client devices and applications, whatever they may be. This process effectively shifts the authentication paradigm; rather than distribute security devices to end-users, we simply provision that security to a device the end-user already has. This can be carried out in such a way as to ensure the interoperability of these embedded solutions for existing VASCO customers.