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Insurance Industry - Strong Authentication
Secure access to confidential data

Insurance Industry - Strong Authentication


Through the course of daily business, insurance companies collect and manage vast amounts of sensitive data, making them prime targets for online data theft. For insurance carriers with thousands of agents accessing data on an extranet or through a VPN connection, it is difficult to prevent data leakages without strong authentication in place. VASCO’s Strong Authentication solutions are designed to defend against both internal and external fraud while enforcing sound password practices across the organization.

VASCO Strong Authentication solutions are designed to help insurance organizations improve security at data access points and alleviate the hassle of managing complex passwords. VASCO Strong User Authentication improves efficiency for insurance companies by addressing security, auditing, compliance, and budgetary concerns.

There is significant risk of unauthorized data access in the insurance industry. Attacks can be as simple as password theft or as sophisticated as malware and social engineering attacks. Among the most prevalent online attacks are phishing and blended phishing attacks, social engineering combined with malicious code, Trojan horses, and viruses. Whatever the method, almost all of these attacks are aimed at stealing credentials, such as user names and passwords, which hackers later use to commit fraud both online and offline.

In additional to outside threats, internal fraud poses a problem for the insurance industry in particular due to the broad access of data by its many users.


Industry Expertise
VASCO solutions are aligned with the needs of insurance professionals and compatible with many major technologies commonly used in the industry.

Native Integration
Back-end native integration allows for significant cost savings and customizable implementation.

  • Core API-based authentication platform
  • No need for additional servers

VASCO solutions are built as a family concept, with all form factors supported in every installation. We offer a full range of customer interfacing authentication options that are designed to support all major end-user needs:

  • Hardware authentication
  • Software authentication
  • Mobile authentication
  • Card-based and PKI-based solutions

Unlimited Scalability

  • Easy to add more users and/or applications without the need to rebuild the back-end infrastructure
  • 9,000+ authentications per second
  • No additional or backup servers and maintenance
  • No server farms
  • No dedicated disaster recovery

Components of this solution

Client products:

  • DIGIPASS for Mobile
  • DIGIPASS for Apps
  • DIGIPASS 905

Server Products

  • VACMAN Controller