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Strong authentication with VASCO

e-Signatures for transaction validation and document signing


Internet fraud is still on the rise and fraud schemes become evermore sophisticated. Phishing attacks, Trojan horses, key loggers and man-in-the-middle attacks have made the need for user and transaction authentication even more indispensable in e-banking and e-commerce environments.

EMV financial transactions are more secure against fraud than traditional credit card payments, which use the data encoded in the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. This is due to the use of encryption algorithms. These algorithms provide authentication of the card to the processing terminal and the transaction processing center.

The Chip Authentication Program (CAP) is a MasterCard initiative. CAP is a form of two-factor authentication as both a smartcard and a valid PIN must be present for a transaction to succeed. CAP leverages existing EMV technology and infrastructure.


EMV-CAP solutions allow banks to mitigate risks of Internet fraud by deploying strong authentication without inconveniencing their end-users.


VASCO’s CAP-bases solutions are suitable for mass deployment in retail banking. The solution leverages existing EMC technology and infrastructure. A customer’s regular debit and/or credit card can be used to generate one-time passwords and e-signatures offering strong authentication.

VASCO offers strong authentication through three authentication mechanisms:

  • event-based one-time passwords
  • challenge/response schemes
  • transaction data signing

Each of these authentication mechanisms can also secure multiple applications - from online banking services to e-commerce.


  • Cost-efficient
    • no additional hardware required. VASCO’s CAP-based solutions use the existing back-end infrastructure
    • banks only need to distribute card readers to their customer base
    • the devices are non-personalized. Roll out is simplified and no programming is required
  • User-friendly
    • familiar end-user tools (bank cards) are repurposed for strong authentication
    • VASCO offers a broad range of EMV-CAP enabled authenticators including devices for the visually impaired
  • End-to-end solution
    • Including VASCO’s VACMAN Controller core platform and DIGIPASS authentication devices
  • High-standard production
    • Reliable high-standard production in three different manufacturing plants
  • Customization raises your brand awareness
    • Wide range of customization options for color, logo printing and packaging
  • Fulfillment services
    • Fulfillment services include packaging, provisioning and delivery

VASCO is the ideal partner for financial institutions who want to give their customers the best e-banking experience combined with the best-of-breed security at an attractive total cost of ownership.

Components of this solution

Client products:

  • DIGIPASS Card readers

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