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As an online service provider, your goal is to drive new customer acquisition and accelerate new service adoption. And this requires that you deliver both a trusted and secure application, as well as simple and enjoyable user experience. MYDIGIPASS is a cloud-based, two-factor authentication solution designed to help service providers secure their applications while delivering a single and secure login experience for their users. It’s the perfect solution for any web or mobile application provider that needs to deliver protected online content or services without additional friction for users.

Secure Online And Mobile Applications

The headlines tell the story. A growing number of security breaches impacting major online providers have your consumers on edge. Your online business is at risk from hackers who are eager to steal valuable personal information from you and your users. How do customers know they can trust your applications? With MYDIGIPASS, you can strengthen security for your online and mobile applications and protect user identities.

  • Add “banking-level” security to any application
  • Protect against theft and fraud
  • Preserve brand reputation

Banking Level 2-factor Authentication

Happy Users

A friction-free user experience is critical when it comes to service adoption and competitive advantage. Today, your users have to manage user names and passwords across multiple websites, making their experience painful and annoying. MYDIGIPASS focuses on the needs of your users, with authentication that is easier than a static password, and more secure.

  • The easiest user experience
  • No need for credentials or OTP – just scan and log in
  • Complete authentication self-service

One Simple Smart and Secure Login

Faster Time To Value

MYDIGIPASS is a fully customizable solution that enables you and your developers to improve speed to market and accelerate return on investment and across your entire application ecosystem.

  • Deploy in less than a day
  • Reduce management and support demands
  • Flexible ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model

Faster Time to Value

MyDIGIPASS Portfolio:


The fastest way to get started. MYDIGIPASS Express enables providers to quickly deliver a smart, simple, white-labeled two factor authentication service to their users. MYDIGIPASS Express is perfect for providers looking to support high volumes of users on a single application, and want to offer a fully branded experience.


A robust version of MYDIGIPASS that offers a broad choice of authentication methods and delivers ID Federation/ Single Sign On capabilities. MYDIGIPASS Premium is designed for providers that want to streamline security and support of user identities across multiple web and mobile applications.

MyDIGIPASS TDI (Trusted Digital Identity)

A trusted authentication and eID platform that facilitates identity attribute validation and sharing between ID providers (government entities, banking institutions, payment providers, etc.), and enables improvements to identity onboarding, identity proofing, and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes.

Available Features MDP Express MDP Premium MDP TDI
Provider manages 2FA credentials  
Scan and login
App2App and Browser2app authentication
Web SSO  
App Launchpad  
Secure password storage  
Authenticator Options
Customizable Mobile Application
SMS Authentication
Hardware Token  
Intel IPT  
Recovery Process  
End-user support  
User Sign-up
Attribute sharing  
Certified attribute sharing    


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Vasco Products
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