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PKI-technology and secure USB storage all-in-one

DIGIPASS key 200

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DIGIPASS KEY 200 offers a solution to the growing authentication needs of banks, enterprises and governments. It combines PKI technology with secure mass USB storage and physical access capability. DIGIPASS KEY 200 is an easy-to-use end-user device which can be used for local and remote access, desktop and application log-on, disk encryption, data, e-mail and transaction signing and secure mobile data storage.

Increased identity and data theft, man-in-the-middle attacks and unauthorized access to confidential data demonstrate the growing need for data security solutions. Next to that, more stringent regulation has been put in place ensuring data security for companies and financial institutions. Furthermore employees often carry sensitive corporate information on portable USB drives. These data are freely accessible and the USB devices can easily be lost or stolen.

VASCO® Data Security has a solid reputation in helping financial institutions in securing transactions online through two-factor authentication. With DIGIPASS® KEY 200, VASCO offers an innovative solution combining PKI-technology with secure USB mass storage.

DIGIPASS KEY 200 is a USB end-user authentication device offering PKI-based strong authentication and secure mass USB storage for mobile data security with physical access capability. DIGIPASS KEY 200 is used in conjunction with DIGIPASS CertiID, VASCO's PKI-based client software suite, and can be integrated within any application supporting PKCS#11, MS CAPI standards and CNG.

DIGIPASS KEY 200 is suited for use in corporate environments and for securing online banking applications:

  • In enterprises it offers a solution for local and remote access to the network and business critical applications, locking of workstations, disk and file encryption, digitally signing e-mails and confidential documents, and mobile data security.
  • In banking DIGIPASS KEY 200 helps to comply with more stringent financial regulations (Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA) and enhanced security requirements. PKI technology is used to digitally sign transactions. The possibility to store a secured browser on DIGIPASS KEY 200, offers new opportunities to banks to effectively combat phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.



  • Strong password authentication
  • PKI functionality (signature, encryption, on board generation of RSA key pair)
  • Hardware based 256 bit AES encryption CBC mode, on fly encryption
  • Zero footprint capability and driverless
  • E-mail, file and disk encryption
  • Ultra fast data transfer, high speed USB
  • USB mass storage (available in 2, 4 and 8 Gbyte)
  • Smart card based OTP generation


PKI functionality
DIGIPASS KEY 200 combines the security of a smart card with the flexibility of a card reader. Digital certificates from any Certificate Authority (Entrust, Microsoft, VeriSign, IdenTrust,, …) can be generated and stored on the device. The generation of private and public keys is managed on the device and the keys cannot be exported from the smart card.

Secure USB Storage
DIGIPASS KEY 200 has three predefined memory partitions which cannot be altered by the user, making them highly secure:

  • a partition with CD-ROM capability for software installation (e.g. secured browser installation)
  • encrypted partition on the fly for secure data storage
  • a non-secure hard disk partition to store accessory, nonconfidential information

Support RFID technology
DIGIPASS KEY 200 supports RFID technology. DIGIPASS KEY 200 combines physical access with logical access in one device. When using the contactless functionality of DIGIPASS KEY 200 a contactless transaction can be executed in a single step, multiple environments and applications are federated in a single end-user device.

DIGIPASS CertiID embedded
The secure mass storage feature of DIGIPASS Key 200 allows for DIGIPASS CertiID capability to be embedded into the device. By embedding DIGIPASS CertiID, the deployment of DIGIPASS Key 200 requires no software installation on clients. DIGIPASS Key 200 becomes plug and play thus reducing administrative costs. Devices can be managed in user and administration mode: PIN and PUK are initialized on first use either by the end-user or the IT-administrator.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications
Size (LxWxT) 73.5 mm X 23.5 mm X 10.5 mm
Color Black
Product Identification 10-digit serial number and bar code on the back side
Weight 14 g (including product cap)
Logotype With VASCO logo (unless specified otherwise)
USB 2.0 (high speed, full speed, low speed) Connector type A
Led Access activity indicated on both sides by orange led

Compliance to Standards
Smart card ISO 7816 3 - 4
Java card Open Platform 2.1.1, java card 2.2
Smart card reader architecture PC/SC, CCID Drivers
Public Key Mechanisms 1024-bit and 2048-bit RSA, X509 v3
Cryptographic supports AES 128 to 256 bits, EC-DSA up to 512bits, SHA up to 512
Public Key Cryptography (PKI) PKCS#11 v2.2, PKCS#1,7,8,10,12,15 Microsoft® CAPI 2.0, S/MIME. Crypto Next generation and key storage provider and minidriver architecture
USB Memory encryption On the fly encryption by dedicated hardware processor, AES-CBC mode, 256 bits , FIPS -197
Wireless interface Iso 14443 Type A, T=CL & 1k Mifare emulation
Certification Smart card: Common criteria EAL4+ and compliant up Protection profile SSCD Smart card: Common criteria EAL5+ Smart card: FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Entrust and Identrust ready: available with DIGIPASS CertiID 3.2 and under certification Vista smart card minidriver
Operating system supported Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/ Windows 7 MacOS 10.6.4 Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Desktop, Ubuntu 10.04, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11) Citrix XenDesktop 5 Citrix XenApp 4.0X Citrix Presentation Server 4.5
Storage temperature -10 °C to 50 °C; 90 %RH non condensing IEC 60068-2-78 (Damp heat) IEC 60068-2-1 (Cold)
Operating temperature 0 °C to 45 °C; 85 %RH non condensing IEC 60068-2-78 (Damp heat) IEC 60068-2-1 (Cold)
Vibration 10 to 75 Hz; 10 m/s2 IEC 60068-2-6
Drop 1 meter IEC 60068-2-31
Emission EN 55022
Immunity 4 kV contact discharges 8 kV air discharges 3 V/m from 80 to 1000 MHz EN 61000-4-2 and EN 61000-4-3
Compliance to European directives (CE marking) 2004/108/EC (EMC directives) - 2002/95/EC (RoHS directive) – 2002/96/EC (WEEE directive)


Download the VASCO DIGIPASS 200 Data Sheet (.PDF)


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