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DIGIPASS License Protection
engineered to help online application providers

DIGIPASS License Protection


A common problem facing online application vendors and service providers is the sharing of user accounts, which can result in revenue losses and potential security threats. DIGIPASS License Protection from VASCO is engineered to help online application providers address these problems in two ways. First, it secures the end-user and his credentials. Second, it ensures that only properly authenticated users can gain access to online accounts. Hence authentication is not only a guard against end-user security breaches; it is also an invaluable tool in the protection and retention of revenue.


DIGIPASS License Protection aims to minimize revenue loss due to account sharing and to eliminate security threats inherent with online information access.
Examples of applications that use DIGIPASS License Protection include:

  • Subscription services (newspapers, analysts, online periodicals, education, etc.)
  • Online gaming and gambling
  • SaaS applications, including CRM, ERP, e-learning and HR
  • Online real estate
  • Legal services
  • Marketing services
  • Internet content providers
  • Information collection and delivery services
  • Online database hosts


The proliferation of online applications and the variety of remote channels have changed the very nature of business, accelerating the speed at which it is conducted. This maturation of online applications does not come without risks, which exist on two fronts. On one hand, customers are at risk due to online attacks. On the other hand, providers themselves are put at risk when licensed subscribers share their credentials with unlicensed users, which can result in catastrophic losses in revenue. Ultimately, it does not matter where a security breach is incurred; attacks on either front undermine trust in the system and minimize the effectiveness of the application altogether.


DIGIPASS License Protection can be customized according to a provider’s individual needs. The DIGIPASS platform is an entire family of products that can be implemented in the form of hardware, software, or any combination of the two. DIGIPASS License Protection works simply by linking the usage of the online service with that of a unique DIGIPASS key assigned to a licensed user. DIGIPASS secures both user and provider using two important functions:

  • First, DIGIPASS generates a dynamic password which is difficult to steal or hack, thus protecting the user against online fraud.
  • Second, DIGIPASS can be assigned to a specific user with one or more machines, ensuring that only a licensed user possessing a valid key can access the system for which they are licensed, thus protecting the provider against license fraud and account sharing.


DIGIPASS License Protection is upheld by VASCO’s proven experience in securing customer interfacing applications. Benefits to application providers include:

  • Expansion of revenue streams as a result of secured electronic transactions and the protection of licenses.
    Increased market share and competitive advantage, simply as a result of offering products that are more secure than competitors’ products
  • Compliance with growing regulatory security standards

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