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VASCO DIGIPASS Hardened browser
Secured PKI-enabled browser for secure e-banking and secure web access

Hardened Browser

Vasco Products
VASCO DIGIPASS Hardened Browser Series
VASCO DIGIPASS Hardened Browser
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Increased identity and data theft, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing, unauthorized access to confidential data demonstrate the growing need for enhanced security solutions. Next to that more stringent regulation has been put in place ensuring data security for companies and financial institutions. Furthermore hacking attempts are become more and more refined, requiring more and more advanced countermeasures.

VASCO Data Security has a solid reputation in helping financial institutions in securing online transactions through two-factor authentication. As part of VASCO's ongoing investment in new and more advanced countermeasures, VASCO has developed a Firefox based secure browser.

VASCO's hardened browser technology offers a solution for banks who have lost trust in the use of standardized browser technology and which are looking for more secure browser technology. Furthermore the hardened browser technology offers a solution for secure web access in any professional environment where confidential information is exchanged through a web application such as e-government applications or intellectual property applications.

The hardened browser is stored on the CD-Rom memory disk partition of the DIGIPASS Key 200 and DIGIPASS Key 860. Both USB keys have an encrypted memory partition on which confidential data are stored and through which secret keys and the access to these keys are protected by smart card technology.


  • Zero footprint
  • Auto start and silent closing function
  • Secure Firefox launcher
  • Secure PKCS#11 driver which is restricted to accept instructions only from ther on-board browser
  • Integrity check of the software upon execution and/or installation
  • Inability to download and install content that alters the browser's behavior or something on the desktop
  • Device personalization
  • Identrust and Trustgate compliant
  • Available for Microsoft


Secure E-banking
For banks the secure or hardened browser concept offers strong protection against man-in-the-browser hacking attempts. The hardened browser will guide online banking customers straight to the correct URL. When executing a transaction, the banking customer will plug his DIGIPASS Key into the USB-port of the PC. The browser will be launched, going directly to the bank's URL. In doing so, it will execute two-factor authentication and create mutual authentication based on a certificate ; the bank knows that an authorized user who uses embedded and certified software is going online to perform a secured transaction.

Secure Web Access
For any professional environment where confidential information is exchanged through a web application, the hardened browser offers a solution. Any type of application can be stored onto the DIGIPASS Key 200 or DIGIPASS Key 860. Similar to the use in an online banking environment, the hardened browser will lead the end-user straight to the URL of the web application and authenticate the user. The solution is ideal for use for e-government applications, intellectual property applications or the use by solicitors and lawyers.

PKI functionality
DIGIPASS KEY 101 combines the security of a smart card with the flexibility of a card reader. Digital certificates from any Certificate Authority (DigiNotar, Entrust, Microsoft, VeriSign, IdenTrust…) can be generated and stored on the device. The generation of private and public keys is managed on the devices and the keys cannot be exported from the smart card on the device.

Onboard Key Pair Generation
The chip embedded in DIGIPASS KEY 101 is a highly secure data container. The user's private and public keys are generated on the chip the first time a user requests a certificate. The private key is stored on the chip and can never be exported, making DIGIPASS KEY 101 one of the most secure data containers in the world. Non-repudiation of transactions can now be guaranteed.


Hardened Browser Deployment


Download the VASCO Hardened Browser Data Sheet (.PDF)


Vasco Products
VASCO DIGIPASS Hardened Browser Series
VASCO DIGIPASS Hardened Browser
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